First round of Covid tests come back negative

Published: Jul. 20, 2020 at 9:32 PM EDT
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The nearly 200 Covid 19 tests done on staff and residents at the Northern Light Continuing Care Facility in Mars Hill have come out negative.  Meaning, the reported case yesterday remains the only one there.  Kathy McCarty has more on what’s next.

Following safety guidelines set forth by the CDC is credited with preventing the spread of Covid-19, after a staff member from the Mars Hill senior health care facility was diagnosed this week.

“The processes we have in place - I mentioned that we follow the CDC guidelines - they work. And, you know, we’ve - we work with infections every day in the hospital and so, as I’ve indicated, it’s - if you follow the process, we - you know, you’ll be fine,” says Greg LaFrancois; President of Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital.

LaFrancois says using masks and gloves and following other procedures helped reduce the risk to everyone working or living at the facility.

LaFrancois says “Cleaning specifically for this virus, our screening - you know, the screening before employees come on duty, that’s important and it works, and it’s what caught this so early for us.”

Dixie Shaw, whose mother, Nan, resides at the home, says the family was informed of the situation Wednesday.

“To get the news that the virus had slipped in through the nursing home walls somehow was terribly frightening and you’re thinking ‘what is goin’ on. I’ve been sacrificing not seeing my mom and now it’s there. How did this happen?‘” says Dixie Shaw.

Shaw says she was notified Thursday morning that her mother’s test was negative.

“If that’s the case, that the PPE that they’re utilizing and the sanitation measures that they’re taking at the home have been effective,” she says.

LaFrancois says although they’ve done one round of testing, a second round of testing is likely with a select group of individuals. Those would be staff and residents who may have been in closer or more frequent contact with the infected party. This test would take place three to five days after the first test.

Kathy McCarty, NewsSource 8


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