Pick and Paint Hike at Fort Kent Outdoor Center

Published: Jul. 23, 2020 at 9:37 PM EDT
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Fort Kent, Maine (WAGM) -

Finding things for kids to do has been a big challenge for adults this summer. Fort Kent Outdoor Center put together an event to try to help with that. It’s called a Pick and Paint hike. Daveson Perez has the story.


On Wednesday a group of young picasso's spent the day at Fort Kent Outdoor Center to participate in a "pick and paint hike."

(Jamie Guerrette): "Kids today are here for a pick and paint hike. They've picked out some rocks. They've painted them. They're letting them dry and then we're going to go out and place them along the trail."

It's the first time this event has been done at the Center. COVID-19 has made it tough on folks to create safe summer programming for children.

However, Jamie Guerrette says they're beginning to get the hang of it now.

(JG): "I feel like we're kind of getting the hang of it now. We're coming into the end of July. Things are starting to feel like we understand the rules and expectations. Kids are looking to do stuff. Families are looking to do stuff….being outside just gives a little more freedom and the chance to get outside, enjoy some fresh air. Families are coming together, staying together while they're here. So it's a very safe place to be out here on the trails."

The artists were able to choose from a wide array of colors for their masterpieces. However, if you think they'll be in plain sight along the trail, think again.

(Elijah Grange): "They are going to have to work hard to find it because I'm going to hide it."

And for those who are staying inside all day...Elijah's sister Charlotte has some advice for you.

(Charlotte Grange): "Go out. Take a hike. Whatever. Don't just stay at home watching Netflix."

There will be another pick and paint hike taking place this Saturday at the Nordic Heritage Center.

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