Caribou Parks and Rec receive 2020 Maine Tourism Leadership and Growth Award

Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 8:51 PM EDT
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Caribou, Maine (WAGM) - (Gary Marquis): “It’s a valuable tool. It’s a tool that I think has helped grow the snowmobile economy and the snow mobile growth of Aroostook County.”

The Aroostook County Trail Report, it’s what Gary Marquis is talking about and it’s a tool that many snowmobilers use before they hit the trails in the winter time.

Marquis puts in a lot of work compiling the report and recently he and the entire Caribou Parks and Rec department were rewarded for their efforts.

Recently they received word they were the winners of the 2020 Maine Tourism Leadership and Growth Award.

(GM): A couple of weeks ago, they told us officially that we won it and we could tell people. Now with COVID everything is kind of on the down-low and they're hoping next year they'll be able to recognize us in Augusta or wherever the conference is going to be at.

The County Trail Report is something that takes Gary about 8-10 hours to put together.

In the early days of the report the Superintendent would fax it to local hotels but now they post it on facebook as well which makes it much easier to send it out.

It's become so valuable to snowmobilers that Gary best not be late in posting it.

(GM): "It get's shared a lot. When I'm a little late on thursday morning and it's not done I get a phone call from people saying Hey where's the report? We want to know what the trail conditions are like so it's used."

He says winning this award is another thing for the County to brag about.

(GM): "The County is running on all cylinders when it comes to recreation. Whether it's summer or winter and this is just another feather to put out hat in so we can brag about how great the county is in the winter time and the summer as well.

Daveson Perez News Source 8.

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