Purple paint used to designate private property

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 6:14 PM EDT
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A more permanent method of marking property as private is now being used by landowners throughout the state.

Outdoor enthusiasts may have noticed trees marked with purple paint. Justin Carney, a ranger with the Maine Forest Service, says it’s a lasting way to indicate private land. With hunting season just a few months away, he says it’s a good idea to educate the public on what these markings mean.

“It’s a law we have here in Maine and a variety of states throughout the country. Purple paint just signifies landowner permission is required. So when folks out recreating and see those purple stripes on the trees, gives them indication that landowner permission’s required to access that property. The strip needs to be at least an inch wide. It needs to be eight inches or greater in length. You should - you should paint those every hundred feet or so around your - your property,, especially areas that you’re concerned - you’re concerned with. Access points and so forth would be a good place to put those paint markers,” says Justin Carney.

Markings should also be three to five feet above the ground or about eye level. Carney says paint is a cost-effective way to mark private land. It is easy and quick to apply, and costs less than buying multiple signs. And unlike signs, it’s difficult to remove once in place.

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