Get Up and Go: Trail Riding

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 9:45 PM EDT
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(David Nadeau): "It means everything, especially in this time of covid it's been a lifesaver…

The lifesaver David Nadeau is talking about is trail-riding and Nordic Heritage Center is only one of the many places in Aroostook County where one can practice the sport.

(Chad Mcpherson): "It's a way to get out and exercise on my mountain bike. It's the thing I like to do the most...It's a social thing to. We meet up at the end and have some beverages and hang out and talk and catch up. It's both physical and social."

Chad McPherson is the leader of the Guided Trail Rides taking place every Monday night at the Nordic Heritage Center.

He says trail riding is a full body workout.

(CM): "Well, you're heart rate goes up and down. You have to move your body a lot, especially on these trails where it's single track. So it kind of works your whole body as opposed to say like a road ride which is great and you drive your heart rate up but this way it drives your heart rate up and down up and down. So it's pretty physical.

And it's someone anyone of any age can participate in. Just ask David!

(DN): “It feels good. I’m coming up on 70 and I like to think I hold my own with them. Yea they can leave me if they try but in a lot of cases I can make up the distance on the down hills or something like that.”

Trail riding is something that takes place here in The County when the weather is nice but that doesn't mean it ends as soon as there's snow on the ground.

The name changes to Fat Biking but we'll save the explanation of that sport for a future edition of Get Up and Go.

Daveson Perez News Source Sports.

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