How Schools are Handling Social Distancing in Buses

Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 12:16 PM EDT
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Schools are working hard to keep the ride to school smooth with new bus safety precautions. News Source 8′s Anna Soderberg has the story.

School will be going back into sessions for many County schools this month. Tim Doak, Superintendent of both MSAD #20 and RSU #39 says each district will require the use of masks for anyone riding or driving the bus. There will be extra masks provided to any students who don’t have one and a limited amount of seating.

“We will be putting one student per seat with a mask and allowing siblings to double up in the seats so that way we could probably fit 20, 30 students on the bus at a time, when normally running between 60 and 65 kids on our school bus runs” says Superintendent Doak.

Larry Rector is the facilities manager of the RSU #39 Bus Garage, and he says the cleaning will be extensive each time a bus driver finishes a trip.

“We bought an electro static ionizer, and what is does is you put chlorine tablets on it and it comes with a chart that they give for how much goes in there with a gallon of water, and they go on and they go through the buses, and the whole bus is completely sprayed down and it kills the COVID 19″ says Larry Rector.

Superintendent Doak says MSAD #20 and RSU #39 are currently in a yellow hyrbrid model for students returning to school. As long as they stay yellow, additional bus runs each morning will not be required, as there will only be half the number of students riding the bus each day. Doak says buses will have staggered start times to ensure social distancing when students arrive at school. Both say that keeping the students and bus driver safe is their biggest priority. Anna Soderberg, Newssource 8.

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