Veterans Table - Aroostook Veterans Alliance

Published: Aug. 13, 2020 at 10:19 AM EDT
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Contact AVA for Veteran Assistance: Phone (207) 551-4475

Gehring: “We end up helping one Veteran a day -- every day -- 365 days a year!”

Robert: Aroostook Veterans Alliance, a local nonprofit organization, was created with the sole mission of helping and assisting Aroostook County's veterans and families -- providing comprehensive information and support to obtain earned benefits available to service members.

Gehring: "Sometimes it's as simple as just answering a question. -- 'Where can I go to do this? Or where can I go to get help?' -- A lot of times the veterans don't necessarily know what their earned benefits are."

Robert: Aroostook Veterans Alliance helps local servicemen and servicewomen receive benefits ranging from -- healthcare and mental health services, to disability compensation -- from travel assistance, to job and educational training -- and from home mortgage assistance, to senior planning and nursing home services.

Gehring: “Another thing we do, which we’re very proud of because nobody else is doing it is we work in conjunction with Homeless Services of Aroostook. The homeless services group will process the veteran for permanent housing -- what we consider to be one of the best services available. We can furnish any apartment that the veteran checks into.”

Robert: The Aroostook Veterans Alliance goes a long way in making sure the County and our Veteran population are continually cared for, with all services and assistance provided free of charge. It is a mission that is collaboratively supported by multiple community partners, organizations, and everyday County residents -- giving back to those in our community who sacrificed so much for us all.

Gehring: "We exist on donations just like everyone else. We've done no fundraising this year because of Covid-19, of course. We are recognized for our American Flags -- the little ones that you get -- and we hand those out in exchange for a donation. So we will be back out next spring. And the other organizations that support us will be there as well. So we're looking forward to a bright future, and helping as many Veterans as we can."

Robert Grimm, News Source 8.

[Interview: --Jim Gehring, Service Officer | Aroostook Veterans Alliance]

Aired: August 12, 2020

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