10 year old talks about his hole in one

Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 9:52 AM EDT
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Houlton, Maine (WAGM) - A hole in one on the golf course is extremely rare. The vast majority of golfers never register an ace during their careers. The odds of an average golfer making a hole in one are 12 thousand to one and according to National Hole in One insurance an ace is registered once in every 35 hundred rounds played. 10 year old Jacob Bushey is believed to be the youngest golfer to achieve the feat at Houlton Golf Club.

Ten year old Jacob Bushey of Houlton loves the sport of golf. He is out there whenever he can. He takes part in the Houlton Youth Program every Monday and during the program earlier this month he was golfing with Colin Irish, Mason White, Jack Hodgkins and Gavin Bell and that is when magic happened for Bushey.

(Jacob Bushey):” While we were teeing off on the eighth hole I was the first one to tee off. When I hit the ball it looked like it was going straight towards the pin and we all really excited. Colin said it looked like it was going straight at the hole. Me and Jack ran up and we looked all over the green and it wasn’t there. We saw it in the hole and we were so excited and we started running around. I couldn’t explain even if I wanted to how excited I was.”

(Dave Grant):” I was coming up the ninth fairway to see how they were doing on the eighth hole. All of a sudden I look and I see Jacob come running at me. All I could think was the worst somebody hit him with a club or he got hit by a ball. He come running just screaming I got a hole in one I got a hole in one.”

Bushey:” I started running and yelling at him I got a hole in one.”

The Junior golf program in Houlton is very successful with over 30 youngsters showing up each week and that has proven to be a benefit to the High School golf team who has captured several State Championships. Grant the Jr Golf Director says that the youngsters play a very competitive game

Grant:” This weekend we had the club championship and we did a junior junior championship. We put the 6 to 12 year olds up on the front tees and let them play nine holes. It was the highlight of the whole weekend because these kids had blast.”

Of course now that Jacob has registered one hole in one he has his sights set on another one and he almost did it last monday.

Bushey:” Number three I drove and I hit the pin.”

The unassuming 10 year old has become a local celebrity since registering the milestone.

Bushey:” I have got a couple of notes in the mail from people. They gave me balls and tees and just congratulations on it. Many time just going around town I heard is that Jacob Bushey the kid who got the hole in one. I said yep.”

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