RSU 29 prepares for students’ return to school

RSU 29 students and staff will be back in the classroom in a week, following all CDC protocols and state mandates, to ensure everyone’s safety.
Published: Aug. 24, 2020 at 7:04 PM EDT
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Teachers at RSU 29 are heading back to their classrooms this week, in preparation for the return of students.

Superintendent Ellen Halladay says they’ve been working hard all summer to ensure the schools are complying with CDC guidelines and state mandates, to ensure a safe learning environment for students and staff. This includes placement of desks, and how they’ll handle they’ll handle the cafeteria.

“We start with our teachers back for six in-service days, starting on the 25th, and - and then continuing on the 31st, the 1st and the 2nd, and then our students start after that. We’re starting under the green model, which means that we’re doing in-person instruction, but we’re also offering a remote option. So kids can - parents can choose to have their - their child stay home and do their - their work remotely,” says Superintendent Ellen Halladay.

Halladay says it will be a different school year, but one she anticipates will be a success if everyone works together as a team. September 3rd marks the first student day for grades K-through-6 and 9, while students in grades 7-through-8 and 10th-through-12th return September 4th.

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