Aroostook Community Matters - ACAP Hope and Prosperity Resource Center

Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 9:17 AM EDT
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Myrick: "When you feel like you have nobody, it's nice to realize that any point in time -- that there's actually people there that will be willing to help you."

Robert: Beau Myrick, of Presque Isle, speaks openly of his journey through recovery and turning to The Hope and Prosperity Resource Center through ACAP, to go through the changes he wished to make in his life.

Myrick: “The first step is always going to be for you to acknowledge that you have a problem -- or, that there is a roadblock that you have encountered. And you have to be willing to go out of your way and ask people that you may not be comfortable with, or you may not know, for help. But as soon as you ask them for help, they’re gonna get the ball rolling and you’re going to feel immediately comfortable after that.

I had an issue with substance abuse. And I’ve been able to go into recovery now. I am doing my best -- I am working with my coaches to make sure that I maintain all of my appointments. Going from where I was seven months ago, I was in a tail-spin with no understanding of what I needed to do or where I was going. To now, I have gotten pretty much every box checked and every ‘T'-crossed, and every ‘I'-dotted. I’ve been able to make the progress that I’ve been striving to make for over a decade.”

Robert: Hope and Prosperity Center Coaches, like Amber Tierney, take personal investment in everyone who walks through the door.

Tierney: “--We go through employment; --We go through housing; --We go through women, infant and children health. We do early child care; --We do heating; --We do all kinds of things under the ACAP umbrella. We really do believe in a person-centered approach. And that person-centered approach means, ‘What does your life look like?’ Like, ‘What do you want to see the end goal being?’

I’m a person in long-term recovery, myself, which is exciting to be able to say now -- because I’ve walked the pathway that a lot of our customers have walked. So it is an excellent advantage to be able to stand beside someone and say, ‘I don’t believe you can get there, just because a book told me to -- just because I’m supposed to tell you that -- just because it’s some bologna that I think. I believe in you and your pathway, because I walked it too.’”

Myrick: "You have to make the decision yourself that you want to change something, and then seek out the people who can best help you orchestrate the change. And the ACAP Hope and Prosperity Center is where you can make those changes."

Robert Grimm, News Source 8.


--Beau Myrick | Employee & Client, ACAP Hope and Prosperity Resource Center;

--Amber Tierney | Family Coach, ACAP Hope and Prosperity Resource Center]

Aired: August 24, 2020

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