New Outdoor Recreation Facility Coming to Caribou

A brand new outdoor recreation space is under construction next to the Caribou Parks and Rec Center.
Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 7:48 PM EDT
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The Caribou Parks and Rec department is finally reaching the end of it’s 3 year project to bring a state-of-the art recreational facility to the town. We took a small tour of the space today. Take a look.


There's a new place in Caribou for residents to ball-up at.

(Andrew Cummings): “It’s pretty cool. We havent really had a court like this before...I mean we used to play over there but it wasn’t really the best conditions.”

HERE is just to the left of the Caribou Parks and Recreation department.

What you'll see is the fruition of a 3-year long project to create a brand new recreational space for the citizens of Caribou.

(Gary Marquis): "The basketball court's complete. The tennis court is complete. The Park building is getting some final touches on it and we have a new softball field as well. They're still doing some work on that but, it's coming along. It's been a long project. It's been a long 3 years in the making but, we're here and it's coming."

The new space is a promise FULFILLED by the Department of Education who asked for the OLD space so it could build the Caribou Community School.

Some other fun features in the works are a playground in between the basketball and tennis courts, a grass volleyball net, and EVEN a splashpad.

Student-athletes from the Community School will be playing their games here as well.

(GM): "We worked with the school department very close. Part of the project across the road was they were not building them softball fields and tennis courts. they did them here and we still have that same agreement that the school can utilize our facility.

The land is still not officially owned by the city of Caribou...that process will take another 2 weeks to complete. But citizens have waited 3 years for this, waiting a little longer aint too bad.

(GM): “People just have to be patient and it’s going to be a beautiful facility once it’s built.

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