Interview with Tim Watt, President of the Aroostook League

Talks about today’s MPA meeting and gives perspective on the road ahead before a decision on fall sports is made
Published: Aug. 27, 2020 at 7:17 PM EDT
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(Daveson): “There’s been a lot of misinformation out there that today’s meeting with the MPA and the powers that be is going to bring a conclusive start to the season. We’re going to know yes or no if we’re going to have fall sports. What exactly is being discussed at today’s meeting?

(Tim Watt): “My understanding is the MPA interscholastic management committee was meeting to talk about the different sports to see if they would give clearance to start the fall sports season. But it also needs to be cleared by superintendents, state school board. I also believe that the CDC and DOE are going to also need to look at it for approval.

(DP): So is it safe to say that if it was up to the MPA it would be a final decision today, yes or no today?

(TW): " Yes if it was solely up to them, yes. They’re in support of starting the season, yes.”

(DP): “What message do you have for students and families who are anxious for the fall sports season to get going here?

(TW): “Well obviously we’re all anxious and we would love to see the season start but obviously being in the school system and throughout the whole state we’d have to be careful and be able to make sure that kids can do it safely and that we are following all the guidlines that are out there otherwise it opens up ourselves to litigation.”

(DP): “Lastly, what’s the plan moving forward for the future in your mind? What’s the next step after today’s meeting? Well right now obviously I’m telling my coaches to continue to follow the MPA phase 3 and 4 until we hear anything different. We want to try to keep our kids active and involved in anyway that we can. If they at least continue to allow us to work with our kids and work with the skills and conditioning it would be a plus.”

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