Real Estate Matters: 8.25.2020

Real Estate Matters
Real Estate Matters
Published: Aug. 27, 2020 at 8:02 AM EDT
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Homebuying or selling isn’t just about the actual home. But also the health of the land and property it sits on. Shawn Cunningham explains how to not throw your money down the drain by just getting a septic inspection in this Real Estate Matters.

While a home sits pretty above ground, its what lays beneath that can have potential concern for both homebuyers and sellers. A septic drain field, a septic tank, and associated piping makeup a septic system. A problematic septic system can have you flushing money down in the toilet if you’re not careful. Which is why its advised put money to good use by having a septic inspection.

Stephanie Fields Fields Realty LLC.

"its important to determine if a system is malfunctioning or not and alot of times its a matter of scoping they can sometimes use a camera to scope and view the septic system and in the public line they can draw up a line the professionals can drop a snake with a camera on it and see what the pipes look like for orangeburg or or other pipes underground."

Shawn Cunningham NO STANDUP

She says the cost to repair a septic system can vary. And what also can vary is whose financial burden it is to repair the system.

“alot of times they pump the septic every 3-5 years and they may not know if they rceently had an issue 3-4 years ago and then they sell it and to their last knowledge it was working fine so the buyers should do the inspection take the due diligence upon purchasing a home.”

And she explains how DEEP an inspection can go....

“they have to excavate the area a little bit of digging up the land to inspect leach field they want to uncover the septic tank they do have devices to locate the septic tank if its been grown over with grass...”

But where ever it is and however the project ensues, she says it just makes good sense to get an inspection done.

“Its worth a 300 or 400 dollars spent when you’re spending 300-400 hundred thousand dollars on a home.”

Money well spent from top to bottom. Shawn Cunningham, NS 8.

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