Veterans Table - ‘Honoring Their Service: Stories of Fort Fairfield High School, Class of 1967 Military Veterans’

Published: Sep. 7, 2020 at 10:23 AM EDT
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For those interested in ordering a copy of the book, a special pre-order deadline has been set for next Tuesday, September 15th.

Find the Order form link below. For more information, contact Mary Rochford Hunter; (207) 764-1550.

McKenney: “One of my close classmates Peter Thibeau was sitting beside me at breakfast the morning of our class reunion day, and I asked him, I said, ‘Peter how did you not serve in the military?’ He said, ‘Peter, I served for over 20 years!’”

Robert: Retired Army Veteran and author, Peter McKenney, recalls the beginning planning stages of working with his Fort Fairfield High School classmates of 1967, to produce a book honoring the 45 military veterans who served out of their graduating class of 108. The primary goal was to preserve and commemorate the first-hand stories of all those who served within their class.

McKenney: “Of the 45 veterans from our class, 23 actually spent time in Vietnam, or adjacent countries serving supporting the war. What I found was universally almost everybody had some problems from their experience in the military, but overall their lives had gone fairly well. Very happy to know that no matter what they did -- whatever walk of life they went into, they were pleased with what they had accomplished.”

Robert: The book further details the history of the town of Fort Fairfield, and what life was like in the County for Peter and his classmates during that time.

McKenny: “We all came from a very common background -- small agricultural town -- we all picked potatoes at one time in our lives -- we all knew what hard work was -- dirty work. And of course that doesn’t come through when you’re talking about a military story. So I felt it was important for us to talk about the background we all came from. And at the same time, celebrate the merits of our community and Aroostook County.”

Robert: More than anything, the book stays true to its title, honoring and celebrating those from the Fort Fairfield High School Class of ’67 who gave so much to our country and our community.

McKenney: “We definitely needed to do something to bring these stories alive and share them with other people -- so over time people could learn from them and remember sacrifices that people had made. I think we’re all part of being a part of the culture of Aroostook County -- hardworking people -- close to the land -- enjoy the enviorment. And, we’re different I mean than perhaps an urban setting would have created a different kind of background for different stories. This one is for us.”

Robert Grimm, News Source 8.

[Interview: --Peter McKenney, Author | Retired U.S. Army, Specialist 5]

Aired: September 7, 2020

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