Get Up and Go: Candlepin Bowling

On this week’s edition of Get Up and Go Daveson Perez is highlighting ‘Candlepin Bowling'.
Published: Sep. 29, 2020 at 3:58 PM EDT
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(DN): "Bowling is the greatest game on earth because anyone can do it. You can be 4 years old you can be 104 years old.

Countless bowling events have been held at Northern Lanes Bowling Alley over the years.

Dale Nickerson, Manager at Northern Lanes says COVID-19 has taken its toll on the bowling business.

(Dale Nickerson): “It’s basically taken away close to over a third of the bowling teams we had...We had 48 last year...we lost 19 teams...Our Open bowl has been cut in half due to we can only use every other we’re only going to be able to have half the amount of people in here at any given time.”

Bowling became allowed as part of Stage 3 of Maine’s reopening plan which took effect on July first. Since then, Dale and the employees at Northern Lanes have been doing their best to keep everyone safe.

(DN): “What we’re doing is following the guidelines as much as we can. Going every other lane when it comes to open bowling. We’ve got stations for sanitizing...just following all the regular guidelines.

Candle pin bowling, which is the kind of bowling played at Northern Lanes, is among the hardest to play. Unlike in mainstream bowling, no one has ever rolled a perfect score!

But don’t harp too much on that’s still a great overall sport.

(DN): “Man, woman, child anybody can do it. It’s awesome it keeps you in shape. It’s competitive. Great fun. Just an all around great sport.”

Junior League bowling is set to begin this Saturday. Dale and company will be offering free bowling for all kids ages 6-16. There’s going to breakfast available and if you stick around long enough you’ll be able to take advantage of some barbeque as well.

So get up and go play bowling. Dale, the bowling balls and the candle pins are waiting for you.

(DN): " I think people need to get out. They’ve been trapped in their houses long enough. I think it’s great ot come out. We’re doing all we can on our part with the masks and everything we can do to keep them safe. The ball are taken off the racks when anybody uses them, rewashed. So come out have a good time and enjoy life."

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