Get Up and Go: Archery edition

Published: Oct. 2, 2020 at 9:15 PM EDT
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Over the last 4 weeks now, the Presque Isle Recreation and Parks department has been doing a Family Outdoor adventure series.

This week’s activity was archery, so I went to check it out.


Trevor Levesque was the instructor on this Tuesday night. He’s been practicing archery since he was a young boy. The competitiveness and progress of his students is what makes him want to teach the sport.

(Trevor Levesque): “Little bit of the competitiveness. It’s kind of fun especially in the rec program to see who the best is or just see how people can improve. It’s always good with progress. Going from not hitting the target to hitting the target is the first goal and then getting better points.”

Levesque says Archery is a sport of making adjustments.

(TL): "The main difference is like the draw string. Since I’m older and stronger now it’s easier to pull it back and hold it steady, so that’s a big key. Then figuring out aiming. You can use landmarks on the bow or the target and see if you do the same thing every time it should go in the same area.

Following our interview it was time to put his teaching skills to the test...with me as his student.

The lesson started with an explanation of the point system.

(TL): "Furthest out circle is 1 point. Then it’s 3 points for the black circle. 5 points for blue. 7 points for red and then 10 for the yellow.

Next we got the form down.

(TL): “Feet pointed towards me. Bend knees just a little bit. Stand tall and proud. Front arm is straight ahead. Make sure it’s locked in and the other one is just across.”

Now it was time for some target practice. Things didn’t go well to start. I missed 4 out of the 5 shots I made which had us trying to find them in the grass.

Now that I learned everything I needed to know from him it was time to take on the teacher.

(Daveson Perez): “Should we add some competition to this? I have 5 you have 5.”

I lost miserably, but I did have my one shining moment…


A bullseye on my last shot. I went home happy. Daveson Perez New Source 8

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