Acadian Composite Materials Begins Building in The County

Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 7:10 PM EDT
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LIMESTONE, Maine (WAGM) - A County company is changing the construction industry through the use of recycled plastic. News Source 8′s Cam Smith has the story.

Acadian Composite Materials is working to mass produce a product called Eco Sip. These insulated panels are laminated and chemically bonded together, to build things like homes, decking and roofing.

“As you can see this is 100% recycled plastic bottles and these are structural panels that we are building anything from houses, to roofing to the Opbox product that is modular pop up spaces.”

Back in September the company received a grant from the Maine Technology institute. Now they work out of the Loring Commerce Center.

“This new technology that we’ve gotten together with Ben on is going to really change the face of what we do here in these buildings. Vacuum impregnation of these foam boards will revolutionize building materials and how people look at recycling.”

Ben Davis is the Founder of Acadian Composite Materials. He says this work will create opportunity throughout The County.

“We chose Aroostook County because of the people. It’s the workmanship here, it’s the work ethic up here, and it’s the large pool of people up here in the County looking for opportunity, who have the talent and the ability to do this work.”

“Every business that we can find to come in and operate in a building like this and do so efficiently and utilize the work that is available through local employees… That’s a win for us.”

Davis says the box here behind me is equivalent to roughly 144,000 plastic bottles and adds their work is not finished just yet. In Limestone, Cam Smith, News Source 8.

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