Aroostook Community Matters - Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp

Published: Oct. 26, 2020 at 8:56 AM EDT
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Pooler: “Teens are effective substance abuse prevention leaders and when given the necessary knowledge, tools, training, and support from us here, we believe that they are able to really make an impact in our schools and communities.”

Robert: Abby Pooler, Coordinator for the Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp through AMHC, discusses the importance of providing a community-based, young adult network here in the County that supports a favorable teen attitude about not using alcohol and other illegal drugs, and overall promoting opportunity for continued development and strengthening of teen leadership skills.

Pooler: “We also believe teens listen and talk to other teens more than they talk to adults. So that’s why all of our programs are youth centered, youth run.”

Robert: The week long, Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp this past summer was canceled due to the pandemic, but a number of other positive teen programs are offered through ATLC, including the Aroostook Vision program.

Pooler: “While most of our programs typically require staff to have been to an ATLC summer camp in the past, this one is unique where it invites any positive high school student or role model to present. So we’re opening it up to any high school student who’s interested in presenting to their middle schoolers on the topics of substance use, self esteem, leadership and teamwork, and goals and values. These programs combined probably impact well over 200 youth in Aroostook County. And we’re proud to take on the challenge of having more youth in our programs.”

Robert: The ATLC summer camp is planned to resume for summer 2021. And throughout the fall, winter, and spring additional workshops and programs are being planned to further support Aroostook County youth. For more information on AMHC and the Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp, you can visit our website,

Robert Grimm, News Source 8.


--Abby Pooler, Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp Coordinator | AMHC]

Aired: October 26, 2020

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