Phillips looks back at 2008 snow game in Fort Kent

Published: Nov. 16, 2020 at 11:05 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Over the last couple of nights I talked to Jarryd Phillips about his duties with the New England Revolution. One of our topics of discussion while we were catching up was the NAIA playoff game against Northwood University back in 2008 that was played in a snowstorm in the St John Valley.

Jarryd Phillips:"I think my toes and my hands are still frozen. It was brutal and I just remember trying not to slip and slide on that frozen field. I remember them cycling through the soccer balls. Having them run inside and put them in the dryer and bring them out. I remember Gio’s hands were so cold afterwards that he had to spend an obnoxiously long time in the training room basically defrosting his hands and feet from standing in the goal for such a long time."

Hundreds of fans were in attendance for the game and the Bengal fans weren’t disappointed as they walked away with a win in penalty kicks. One of the interesting things about that game was the majority of the UMFK players were from warm weather climates and weren’t used to the conditions while Northwood University of Michigan had several Scandinavian players who were used to cold and snow. Phillips says the thing he remembers most is the refuse to lose attitude of UMFK.

Phillips:" They were such a good group of individuals and they came together so quickly. We would show up at these different schools and you could see them looking at us and say wait this team is from Maine. We just had all of these different nationalities on the team. The way Coach Ashby was able to bring all these different athletes together and put together this type of team was one a testament to Coach Ashby and two a testament to the players."

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