Nordic Skiers enjoying start of the season

Published: Nov. 18, 2020 at 2:24 PM EST
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Fort Kent , Maine (WAGM) - It was a week ago that golfers took their clubs out of the cellar for one final round of golf, now it’s cross country skiers turn to enjoy nature. Fort Kent received several inches of snow yesterday and this morning the Fort Kent Outdoor Center groomed their trails and it didn’t take long for the word to get out to skiers who took to the trails.

(Carl Theriault):" Everyone gets so excited when they see the first flakes. They were out two days ago when it was just coming down and we had a couple of inches on the ground.They were just plodding around and now they are skiing. They are enjoying it it is good skiing right now. We will see how long we can keep this. We have some cold nights coming so we should be able to ski for a while. I am hoping that this stays with us. Last year we went right through May without missing a beat so hopefully that will stay the same this year."

" It’s a total party. I am so happy It is crazy."

" We came out this morning and skied for an hour. Just soaking it up."

Hannah Chipman from Norwich Vermont is spending time in the County working on her skiing and biathlon skills. She says it is an adjustment to go from roller skis to skating skis.

(Hannah Chipman):" They are a lot long and less agile than your short little roller skis that can turn really fast. They are also faster .

Hannah and Abigail Streinz were both very excited to get on skis for the first time this season.

(Hannah Streinz):" It’s awesome I always look forward to this day. Fortunately the last couple of years it has come before Thanksgiving and that just makes it the best day of the winter."

(Abigail Streinz):" I am just really excited to go out and ski and see how I feel. I love to ski so if I can’t race big races I am still looking forward to racing local ones."

Theriault says that he saw a lot of people with a little more pep in their step this morning because they were going to get out and enjoy some time on the trails.

Theriault::" Everyone is so excited to get on snow. Two days ago I was roller skiing and today I am on skis. It is like a big switch it happens almost every year, but not always this early. It is exciting to get back on snow. It feels different, but it feels great."

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