Two runners complete a marathon distance without training for it

Published: Nov. 26, 2020 at 11:10 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Two Presque Isle High School Seniors and members of the cross country team decided to push the limits recently. Without any true distance training they set out to run 26.2 miles. Here is their story.

Jude Mosher and Cameron Levasseur took up the sport of running a little over a year ago. You can see them out running around Presque Isle at various times. Even the day before Thanksgiving with snow falling. A few weeks ago the two decided to do something that might seem crazy. Run a marathon distance without training for it.

(Cameron Levasseur):” That is kind of the whole point behind it. We had never done it and wanted to see if we could do it.”

(Jude Mosher):”It was like do you want to run a marathon and I was like why not so we did.”

Mosher and Levasseur just starting running competitively last year.

Mosher:” I was peer pressured to start out anyway to join cross country in the first place. I liked it and I was decent at it.”

As the two planned their adventure they also decided they would try to raise some money.

Levasseur:” He brought up the idea of bringing in our local NHS Chapter to raise money for the chapter cause this year. It happens to be NAMI Maine the mental health organization. We got a few sponsors and raised some money for them.”

Thanks to sponsors SW Collins, the Northern Lighthouse and Mosher Multi Media they were able to make a sizable donation. The day of their run was a much nicer day than this late November day. The two began the run at the High School and ran and ran and ran some more. Mosher and Levasseur had never run more than 11 miles on any given day and by the way the 11 mile run was by accident

Mosher:” We were planning on running 8 miles that day, but we took a wrong turn on an atv trail and it ended up as 11 miles.”

Mosher and Levassuer both felt aches and pains along the route, but running together kept them both motivated and kept them from even thinking about cutting the run short.

Mosher:” I think we both kind of said at different times we should slow down a little bit, but neither of us wanted to quit. We wanted to finish it.”

Levasseur:” It was the 18th mile. That was when things started to fall apart for us. It felt like our legs had a heartbeat with the number of cramps we were getting.”

Mosher:” We had no idea what our time would be since we had never run anything like that before. Our goal to get around 4 hours and we ended up seven minutes faster than the average man.”

Cameron is the Sports Editor for the Presque Isle High School Anchor and wants to pursue a career in journalism when he graduates. He documented the run with a You tube Video that has had several hundred hits.

Levasseur:” We have like 800 views right now. It has been pretty good and I have had a few people reach out to me to tell me that I did a great job with it so it has been a positive response.”

Here is the big question will you do this again?

Mosher:” You never know.”

Levasseur:” I think it would be fun. There’s always improvements to be made especially after this one.”

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