Aroostook Community Matters - Valley Peer Center

Published: Dec. 12, 2020 at 11:16 AM EST
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Valley Peer Center & AMHC Services

Bethi: “Our mission is making a difference in our community every day, with the vision to improve the well being of our community.”

Robert: The Valley Peer Center in Madawaska, part of AMHC’s larger network, is one of its numerous facilities that offer treatment and support for mental health services to many within our own community.

Bethi: “We offer our varieties of activities to help people every day in their own recoveries.”

Robert: At the core of the center, is the strong belief and approach in Intentional Peer Support, where peers are directly helping other peers to take steps towards positive mental health practices and recovery.

Bethi: “Other people who come here, peers -- some of them like to go into training and become certified as well. So the four tasks are the Connection, and also the Worldview, Mutuality, and Moving Towards. So the connection is often between -- in the peer world -- is built-up similarities of lived experiences. And this is where mutuality is meeting people where they are in their recovery.”

Robert: The Valley Peer Center works with individuals to develop a personalized Wellness Recovery Action Plan, to guide them along their mental health journey. It’s all about taking one step at a time.

Bethi: “And all they have to say -- all they have to say for us, ‘I’m somebody with a lived experience.’ That’s all they have to say. They don’t have to tell us what mental illness they have, what diagnosis they have, or what struggle they went through. If when they feel ready to talk about that, they’re more than welcome.”

Robert: Now more than ever, during the pandemic and as we get further into the holiday season, turning to hope, a network of supporters, and practicing self-advocacy is key.

Bethi: “First, acknowledgment -- it’s okay to not be okay -- that’s empowering. Because we can not be okay every single day, one hundred percent. There are times we are not going to be okay. So, we have to understand that. We have to really understand that. I think the first step is to reach out. That’s the only thing. So reach out, call, talk to us -- we’ll be here. Even walk-in sometimes. I know we have limited numbers, but we never stopped people when they walked in. We welcome them, and we have that conversation. How about we come up with a plan? But we never turned around anybody.”

Robert Grimm, NewsSource 8.


--Brahim Bethi, Manager, Valley Peer Recovery Center | AMHC]

Aired: December 10, 2020

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