Local Hospital CEOs Thank Staff

Published: Dec. 25, 2020 at 5:30 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -WAGM recently sat down with the four CEO’s of the local hospitals...and they all have a very special message for their staff.

Peter Sirois the President and CEO of Northern Maine Medical Center says; “here at Northern Maine medical center, I want to make sure that all our employees and all, that, are struggling and have the courage to come in every day. And I hear it. When people struggle about, not having babysitters at schools are out now, what do I do? I have to get to work. Am I going to bring any of this to my family? I haven’t seen my mother or my father or my uncle or my grandmother in months and months. And we have a lot of providers and staff that have family around the country. And I have not seen them. And we’ll not see them for a while longer because they’re that dedicated to making sure that they keep our staff safe themselves safe and their families safe. So to that, we have to really say a big thank you because it’s really them. That’s pulling us through this, on how they’re handling it. So thank you. All our employees.”

Kris Doody, CEO at Cary Medical Center says; “And for those that Cary Medical Center, Pines Health services, as my colleague mentioned, I too want to thank all of our employees from the bottom of my heart. It’s tough. It’s very tough to see. And for those who don’t think it’s real, it’s very real. And I think we need to extend our deepest condolences in our sincere sympathy to those who’ve lost their lives to this virus. We have people in this County who have lost a loved one to this virus. And so from all of us, we send our deepest condolences and sympathy to all of you. And there’s a number of you who are still fighting the virus and your friends and neighbors, and we’re with you every step of the way. And to all of our Cary, Pines employees. Thank you for all you do. God bless you. And thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made the last 10 months. And I hope this time of year. And as we roll into 2021, there’s a renewed spirit and a renewed energy. And thank you for all you do every day.”

Greg LaFrancois, the CEO at Northern Light AR Gould says; “Well, I’ll say, this group that I lead here at AR Gould is hands down the best team I’ve ever led. Hands down. And I’ve told them that many times, and I can’t even Chronicle what, what I see every single day, the caring and the compassion and the professionalism. It is just a thing of beauty. And so I’m grateful to my staff every single day, uh, for what they do. I’ll tell you. I also, I am grateful to. The professionals at each one of our facilities, because we all talk to one another, every single day and the way that they, we work together, these, these are great people in the County that are taking care of us. And I’m grateful to the members of all the teams assembled here. And then finally I will say, the heroes, aren’t just in our facilities, they’re in our communities. And I’m grateful to all of the folks in the community who welcomed, who share their appreciation with all our staff members. We really do appreciate the support because it does it, it strengthens them and it gives them drive.”

Shawn Anderson, the CEO at Houlton Regional Hospital says; “So I’m grateful to everybody for the support and in Houlton, much the same. At our entrances, At Houlton regional hospital, there are banners that say heroes work here and to the 400 plus heroes that work at Houlton regional hospital, my sincere gratitude. And thanks for the work that you’ve done over this past year. Notably during this COVID pandemic it has been a long haul. And it, the work has been hard and it’s been intense and it’s been heartbreaking at times. Brilliance has shown through your strength, your fortitude, your willingness to put yourself in front of others. And I couldn’t be prouder of the team at Holden regional hospital. It’s an enormously rewarding thing to lead. This group of individuals. And I want to thank them all for, from the bottom of my heart, for everything that they’ve done for the community and for the patients that have been stricken with COVID 19 in 2020, we look forward to a very bright 2021.”

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