Wardens warn of thin ice on area lakes

Published: Jan. 1, 2021 at 11:54 AM EST
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Ice Fishing season on the Fish River Chain of Lakes opens tomorrow and the Maine Warden Service is warning anglers to be extremely careful.

This is Just another sign of the strange year of 2020.

Large portions of Long Lake are not frozen over year. This is in Sinclair by the Long Lake Sporting Club. They keep records of ice depth and this is just the second time that the Lake is open heading into January that they have on record. Also Jules St Peter of St Peter’s Country Store in Sinclair says he is getting similar reports on other large lakes in the area. St Peter is telling anglers visiting his store to be extremely careful if they are going to fish tomorrow. He says there are areas in coves where the ice is thicker, but that everyone who is going out should be cautious. The Maine Warden Service is also echoing the same warning.

(Kale OLeary):” Some of those big Fish River Chain of Lakes that are really popular you are going to have be really careful. They are still open up. Fishing the coves really testing the ice before you get out there very far. Really paying attention to currents.

( Presque Isle) OLeary says that smaller bodies of water have a little more ice but you should still be careful.

OLeary:”Smaller places like Arnold Brook here are safe to walk on, but I wouldn’t be taking a vehicle out on it.

The warden says the best advice is to check the ice depth frequently as you walk on ice.

Oleary:” Walk very slow and keep the chisel with you or whatever you have to test the ice conditions. Don’t go very far before you keep testing to make sure you are on good solid ice before you venture out to far.”

The Warden says that not only anglers have to be careful, but so do snowmobilers.

Oleary:” It will be a few weeks before we have really good ice to get around. The snowmobile trails are the same thing we want people out there, but it is probably going to a little while before we get a good base. We are a little behind schedule.”

Several lakes in the area were stocked late in the year to give anglers a chance to catch fish this winter.

Oleary:” There’s a few lakes that are stocked this year. Conroy Lake, Arnold Brook Lake, Dickwood Lake up in Eagle Lake is a new place that will be opening up that was stocked. There’s pond that give anglers a good opportunity in the area to get out and fish.”

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