Athletic Administrators have new safety protocols to follow.

Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 11:23 AM EST
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Fort Fairfield, Maine (WAGM) -It’s been a long road for teams as they have been preparing for the start of the season. Athletic Directors have also been very busy working on their plans for social distancing at games, There will be new protocols in place throughout the game.

Tim Watt:” We have to have teams six feet apart and make sure that everyone is following the guidelines.”

Just like in practice players and coaches will have to wear masks throughout the game. Watt says the players have adjusted to mandate.

Watt:” We are not going to pull out our main bleachers. We are going to be able to put 14 at each bench. If a team has a few more”

Social Distancing will be in place with a separation between the chairs.

Watt:” We have to keep a head count and make sure we are careful. No spectators coming in. We will be live streaming either through WHOU or WAGM.”

Due to a 50 person indoor limit spectators will not be allowed at games

Watt:” They are getting used to them. They have done a really good job of being masked. We have plenty of masks on site to be able to replace as we need them.”

Athletic Directors, Coaches and Players are all hoping that there won’t be interruptions to the season.

Watt:” We are trying and hoping that we can keep playing games throughout. To give these kids the opportunity to play some sort of season.”

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