Funeral Homes Have Had to Adapt To COVID-19 Changes

Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 7:26 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - With COVID-19 restrictions still in effect, nearly every industry had been impacted, including funeral homes.

Like many places throughout Aroostook County, funeral homes have been directly impacted by the pandemic… forcing them to change several aspects of their services.

“Our embalmers and people that get our people ready do have to have different protocols and different suits that they have to put on, more so than before. We have more PPE and things like that that we are utilizing.”

According to the Maine CDC there is no evidence to indicate that cadavers transmit COVID-19.

“The funerals themselves have been different because we have to limit it to only 50 people. We have also had an increase in the need for PPE, some staffing changes to try to eliminate all of us getting sick at the same time.”

Idella Marquis of Mockler funeral home says families have found it even more difficult to lay their loved ones to rest.

“The family members have often not seen that person for a long time. Many of those deaths occurred in nursing facilities that have Along with Marquis, Aaron Gogain of Duncan Graves Funeral Home, says in some cases families choose to have a gathering for immediate family and are planning to have a formal committal service in the spring.

“This Spring is going to be like none other because so many people have pushed a majority of their services to the spring and it is going to be a very challenging spring.”

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