Superintendents give update on how the school year has gone so far

Published: Jan. 19, 2021 at 6:51 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -The 2020 pandemic forced people to adapt to new ways of doing things and schools were no exception.  Remote learning took the place of in person learning for months followed by green, yellow and red modes of learning, leaving students and teachers uncertain of when they will be in person and when they will be back to remote.  And 2021 is starting off with much of the same.  WAGMTV recently spoke with superintendents across the county to see how they’re adapting to meet all of the changes and challenges.  Here’s Megan Cole with how they feel the 2020/2021 school year has gone so far.

School in the middle of a global pandemic is hard.  From having to switch between the green, yellow and red models to following CDC Guidelines, its been tough on everyone.

“It’s been a challenge for all staff including our teachers it’s also been a challenge for our students but our students staff everybody in the district has really stepped up and done what they can to for us to be able to offer in person schooling for as long as we have.  It’s been challenging but I’m proud of the response.”

“I think the important thing of the school year so far is that we’re in school and taking part in school unlike what we went through last year when the governor had a stay home order kind of put us all in a situation that we’re never used too and I think we found out real quick that being in school is the most important piece for our students so that’s what nice about today and this new school year is that we’re actually trying to keep kids in school where it’s the most important place for them to be.”

“So far I think that we’ve been very fortunate we were able to start the year in person we have a shortened day and that has assisted with folks getting used to staff and students wearing the masks and distancing and really being able to focus on learning.”

“It has been an eventful, unusual and probably very unique school year because we started with our hybrid model then we went back to in person learning and then had to switch to remote a couple of times and so you know that’s the unique aspect of it but I will say I have a very dedicated staff in both districts.”

“Obviously a lot of changes with covid restrictions and guidelines and trying to keep staff and students safe but overall the staff has done a fantastic job of working through these tough times and I would say also that the kids have been really cooperative and worked with us to make sure everybody is safe here.”

“The challenges with COVID like every schools facing but the teachers are really worked hard to make this all work the kids the parents everybody seems to be working together to try to make the best of it and we’re hoping obviously to stay in school as much as we can but we have been out a few times but we’ve been lucky we’ve been in more than we’ve been out so that’s a good thing.”

Tomorrow we will hear more from the superintendents about some of the challenges they’ve experienced this school year.

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