Superintendents comment on some challenges they’ve faced this school year

Published: Jan. 21, 2021 at 7:29 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Thinking outside the box has been part of daily life for schools since the pandemic began. In part two of our Superintendent series, Megan Cole has more on the challenges schools have faced so far this school year.

From having to adapt to different learning models to following state mandates for safety, schools have had to face several challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think the biggest challenge is the red model of course and then the second biggest challenge would probably be the yellow model. When we went red and yellow, it does put a lot of families in a flux for daycare and having to be the teacher at home to the best of their ability along with working with the teacher at school so it’s been very challenging.”

“I would say teachers particularly have had to learn just the balance of remote and in person because that’s one of the other pieces of our hybrid model is that we have continued to allow families to make that choice depending upon their particular situation so teachers are doing a great job we continually refined that model.”

“You know ensuring that our bus sizes didn’t-went along with the mandates from the DOE. Making sure that our students were comfortable wearing masks ensuring that we had markings throughout the buildings in terms of 6 foot distances and things like that that needed to be able..students could see visually without having to worry about exactly where they in line for example. Making sure that when we went remote we could deliver meals promptly and efficiently and making sure that we still gave folks that access to those nutritious meals.”

“I guess the biggest challenge for us has been you know teachers adapting and kids as well for remote learning I mean we started in remote emergency learning in march and we learned a ton from the process you know the amount of professional development is a real plus for us but it’s still you know difficult for especially for our elementary age students to really access remote learning unless they have a parent at home that can sit with them and help them access it. "

“As we’ve gone along, we’ve tried to figure out ways of how to make things better. Our teachers have gotten a lot better at teaching remotely and we have a fair number of remote students and that was a big challenge at first but they’ve know we’ve had them take some classes and workshops and done things on their own time teaching themselves how to do things.”

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