Superintendents offer some words of encouragement to their communities

Published: Jan. 28, 2021 at 2:27 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -As the pandemic continues to impact our daily lives area Superintendents share some words of encouragement with their communities. Here’s Megan Cole with the sixth and final part of her series.

This year has been unlike any other.  From having to navigate a new way of learning to the emotional strain of the unknown, it has been hard on everyone.  So, the superintendents offer some words of encouragement to their communities.

“After everything that we’ve gone through with the pandemic and continue to go through in the pandemic is we all need to be working together if anytime in our lives we’ve seen this is now.  In order to be a true democracy in our world we need to work together we can’t be working against each other.”

“I do a weekly call for the district every Sunday evening and I continue to just kind of remind everyone you know we’re in this together we need to work together as a community- learning community in the school and then the broader community beyond that and do the best that we can to promote and encourage the continuous use of the safety guidelines.”

“We’re all in this together it is a challenging time you know we want students in the building we want do in person learning cause that is again the very best mode of instruction and so you know we’re trying our best to get kids back in but parents and everyone really needs to keep in mind that the health safety and welfare of staff and students is foremost.”

“I applaud everybody’s and appreciate everybody’s willingness to work with us to follow our guidelines in order to keep our kids and our staff safe.  I can’t say enough about the work that our staff has done.  Administrators our school nurse custodians bus drivers everybody’s taking on more of a role or a different type of role this year.”

“It’s been really difficult for everybody, teachers students and parents but through it all everybody’s really been flexible they’ve been cooperative patient so we appreciate that.”

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