Flu cases at historic low

Published: Jan. 29, 2021 at 7:03 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -This is normally the time of year when flu cases starts to rise..but health officials say there is a significant decline this season. News Source 8′s Megan Cole explains.

It’s the middle of flu season and typically a time when hospitals see cases on the rise..but this year flu activity is at a historic low.

“We’ve had two here at A. R. Gould and that was very early on in the flu season we haven’t seen any since. We’re actually at 4 cases in Aroostook County and total for the state is actually 101 right now and for the past 5 seasons the state has actually averaged about 547. I don’t think we’re even gonna hit that this season.”

“Much lower than usual this year we haven’t had any flu at our facility at this time.”

“We’ve seen a slight decline in cases of influenze within our organization we’ve only seen one case this year however its important to note that every year we always see a little bit later of a flu season than the rest of the state so we typically start to see increase in cases more so around the second and third of February well into april.”

“We haven’t diagnosed a single case as yet.”

All say that COVID 19 precautions have helped with preventing the flu virus from spreading.

“So when you think of how influenza spreads it spreads through droplets with everybody masking and as you stated the physical distancing at 6 feet or greater and frequent hand hygiene has had a dramatic effect on our numbers that we’re seeing this year.”

“The precautions being used currently to prevent COVID 19 are the same precautions that will prevent the spread of flu so it only makes sense that we’re seeing a decrease especially with the limitations on social gatherings as well.”

“Masking hand washing those were all techniques that we’ve used in the past to help prevent any type of droplet infection so we absolutely can see a decline in influenza so it’s really important that we continue to practice good hand washing masking and keeping our distance.”

“Obviously that was a very big concern rolling into flu season is that we would have a double pandemic so to speak where we have the usual number of flu cases as well as covid cases on top of that and that that would be an unstainable problem for the hospitals to manage with the number of patients needing hospitalization and care.”

All want to remind everyone to continue wearing a mask, wash your hands, and maintain social distancing.

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