Monster muskie pulled through the ice

Published: Feb. 8, 2021 at 6:52 PM EST
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Upper St John River, Maine (WAGM) - A Grand Isle angler has quite a fish story. Jacob Theriault was fishing on the Upper St John River and hooked a catch of a lifetime.

This is Jacob Theriault and the fish he pulled up through the ice this past weekend.

Theriault:” The scale only went up to about 30 pounds and when we put him on the scale he maxed our scale out. When I first grabbed the line I knew it was a decent fish. When I set the hook and it almost was ripped out of my hands. I knew we had a big fish on. When the scale bottomed out I couldn’t believe how big this fish was.”

Theriault’s buddies had a front row seat as the 19 year old battled the monster muskie

Theriault:” Really pumped out it. When my buddy pulled it up it was like the fish never ended. Getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It took up the whole 10 inch hole.

Were you ever concerned the line would break?

Theriault:” It was barely hooked on the corner of his mouth. It was right on the edge of his mouth. We were lucky enough to hook it and land it. It took about 15 minutes to land it. Trying to get it back to the hole.

According to the Fishing website the state record for muskie was caught back in 2010 by Onezime Dufour of Grand Isle.

Theriault:”At the time I didn’t know I didn’t realize the record was 33 pounds. At the time I just wanted to get that fish back in the water since it was so big. You don’t see big fish like that often. I just wanted to get it back in the water as fast as I could. Once I released it my buddy was saying that was pretty close to the record. I wish we would have gotten another scale on it and see true weight.

What did you catch it on?

Theriault:” That is a secret.

You are not going to let that one out are you?

No laughing.

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