UMPI Prepares for basketball season

Published: Feb. 8, 2021 at 3:33 PM EST
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The University of Maine Presque Isle basketball teams are hoping to play some games over the next few weeks. Athletic Director and Men’s Coach Dan Kane says the players are glad to be back on the court and looking forward to some possible competition.

(Dan Kane):” We have been practicing for about three weeks now doing a lot of social distancing and just started five on five practices this week. We are testing a few times a week and just trying to keep it as safe as possible. If things allow us we would like to get games in the next week or so.”

The team started full practices on Monday. Prior to that the team was broken up into smaller groups for individual conditioning. Kane says the team has a great attitude knowing that there is always the chance their games could be cancelled

Kane” They know there is a chance there’s things we can’t control. We can do everything right and still not be able to get the games. They have had a great attitude and controlling what they can control. Doing the right things on the court and off the court as well. It was nice to have them back and that long winter break. They were pretty pumped up to get back into practices.”

(Griffin Guerrette):” We just want to get in as many games as we can. We don’t want to waste a year we want to get in and play and get in the gym.

(Nick Perfitt):” It’s a good time we started out in like groups of four or five and having everyone back together is exciting.”

The North Atlantic Conference announced last month that they would not have a championship this year and that teams could schedule games against opponents. The Owls schedule has not been officially announced yet, but all of their games will be played in the State

Kane:” All of our games will be in the State of Maine not looking to travel much further away than central Maine and trying to keep it as close as possible.”

Kane says they hope to announce their schedule early next week.

The players are working hard and staying focused on their goal of playing other schools, but even if that doesn’t happen Guerrette says it is great to just be on the court and practice the game he loves.

Guerrette:” We are just working as hard as we can with the games we have scheduled. Even if we didn’t have any games scheduled we would be working just as hard because we have next year as well. We want to stay in shape and keep playing well. It takes your mind off everything that is going on. Going into the gym and letting loose for two hours. It’s something that keeps you healthy and keeps your mind off everything.”

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