Boys & Girls Club of Border Towns kicked off their first week of celebration for Black History Month

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 6:09 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - February is the month of Black History Month. The Boys and Girls Club of Border Towns & Presque Isle are finishing up their week of celebration.

They kicked off their month of celebration on Monday by hosting “Traditional Meal Monday.”

CEO Fenton Jones and Public Relations and Fundraising Officer Jennifer Kiandoli will be hosting this every Monday. Every day will be a different type of celebration. On Tuesday it’s Writing the Narrative Tuesday, they will be exploring the history of prominent black figures in literature community. Wednesdays will be Making it happen Wednesday, a day to celebrate scientists. Ayana Green, SAMSAH Project coordinator of Presque Isle Boys and Girls Club says she doesn’t think these historical figures are recognized enough.

“They did these amazing things that I don’t think have been celebrated enough. Just the absolute milestones and these really cool things these people have done,” said Green.

On Thursdays, it will be a day to celebrate the African influence on music. This will include pieces of an interview from an artist. To end off the week, they will have Film Legends Friday. This day will celebrate the advances and milestones in the film industry.

Green added, “I’m just super excited about this month because it’s a really good chance to teach acknowledgment and acceptance of other cultures and I know that something here in Aroostook county we can be cut off from. The best part of working at a Boys and Girls club and a native boys and girls club is that we get to constantly highlight these other cultures and spread love for them and I’m excited to do that for Black history.”

Corey Tilly, Presque Isle Boys and Girls Club of Border Town Unit Director says recognizing and celebrating culture can go a long way.

“You know we talk a lot about culture here at the boys and girls club and through COVID I think that’s what helps us get through connecting through those people around us who mean something to us and our culture and our traditions is so important,” said Tilly.

People can go on their Facebook page, ‘Boys & Girls Club of Border Towns’ every Monday through Friday to see their activities this month.

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