How to prepare your blood for a successful donation

Published: Feb. 10, 2021 at 6:53 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -The need for blood never ends which is why it’s important for people to donate.  Tonight, we learn about some ways you can prepare yourself so your donation will be successful.  Here’s Megan Cole with the story.

“It never takes a holiday.  Despite a pandemic or bad weather, the need for blood and blood component’s is there every day. "

Which is why he says it’s important for people to donate.  Mary Brant, the communications manager for the American Red Cross Northern New England region, says that the only way they can get blood is through a healthy donor.

“Right now only about 3% of the United States population are blood donors.  We need more people to come out and donate blood and donate on a regular 8 week schedule we need their help!”

“We have powerful antibiotics, we have medications to control cholesterol and blood pressure but there really is no substitute for human blood.”

Brant says that if you are getting ready to donate blood, make sure that you’re feeling well and also make sure your iron levels are high enough.

“So make sure to eat foods that are high in iron.  Spinach, vegetables but treat yourself to a great big juicy cheeseburger the night before you go to donate blood to make sure that you have enough iron in your blood to donate and one thing that you can do and is always helpful is to drink a lot of water.  The morning of your donation make sure you drink a lot of water before going.”

She adds that if this is your first time donating blood, have someone with you.

“Go with a friend.  I think it’s always easier to donate when you have a friend with you people who are donating now look around at your friends and family and if you know of someone whose not a donor, invite them to come with you.”

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