Northern Maine Community College opens newly renovated Reed Dining Commons

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 7:06 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Northern Maine Community College has been renovating the Reed Dining Commons since last summer and recently opened it to the campus community. Here’s Megan Cole with the improvements they’ve made.

Fresh homemade pizza, tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich, and nachos are some of the delicious foods students and staff can get at the newly renovated Reed Dining Commons.

“Well we had a complete assessment done of all of our facilities on campus and that assessment showed us that this was the facility if we didn’t make some changes to it would be very costly in the future, we couldn’t afford to replace it so we really needed to update it.”

“We have a brick oven pizza which is very unique something different something we’re excited about. Again we have the grills out front where we can grill meats and things like that on a char broiler the back of the house the equipment is all energy efficient, brand new and again was really needed.”

Crowley says the renovation cost more than 4 million dollars. He says that in addition to the updated kitchen, dining and community spaces, they’ve also added a teaching kitchen.

“The idea was that it kind of goes along with the theme that we’ve had here for several years which is talking about the health and wellness of our community and part of that is how do we prepare food what do we eat what fuel do we give our we’ve designed a space where we can bring people in of all ages and talk about healthy cooking and have an opportunity with the expertise of a chef that we bring in to learn how to cook healthy.”

Both say that the students and staff are enjoying the upgrade.

“The students that live on campus there are about 40 students living on campus this semester are utilizing this space and it’s a significant upgrade from what we had.”

“We’re open to the campus community now only and there are priorities to students that live here and they’ve really taken to it I think its gonna be you know as we get to open up more things and get back to somewhat normal again I think we’re gonna be able to do more and more.”

Crowley hopes to open the space to the community in the fall.

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