Caribou Snowmobile Club hosts annual hot dog roast over the weekend

Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 3:09 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Snowmobiles hit the trails and even got a yummy lunch as the Caribou snowmobile club held their annual hot dog roast. Here’s Megan Cole with the story.

People enjoyed the snowmobile trails and also some hot dogs at the annual hot dog roast put on by the Caribou Snowmobile Club.

“It’s something that’s been long going since the inception of the snowmobile club when it formed in 1996 it originally started I wanna say probably in the 70s or what not 70s 80s before there was a caribou snowmobile club there was 5 smaller clubs in the area and this was a tradition.”

Morrill says this is the first fundraiser they’ve been able to host. He says the lack of fundraisers has deeply impacted them.

“We’re kind of banking on our memberships people are slowly joining now that we finally got snow and people are getting out riding. Just since we’ve been here a little bit we’ve been here you know we’ve had people generously stop and give us donations and what not and thank us for the work that we do you know we see it all the time on our social media pages you know the amount of thanks that we get.”

Dwight Stickles and Lyle Gengler have been with the Caribou Snowmobile Club since it was created back in 1996. While they weren’t out enjoying the trails, they were glad to see all the people stopping by.

“Well I’ll tell ya the majority of the people that we see in years gone by have been people from away and they’ve been very generous very generous because they appreciate good trails.”

“And being from away they know also what work that goes into making getting this up and running and maintaining it over the course of the season upon season so yeah the local people not so much on the weekend they know they can ride during the rest of the week we’ll see the locals out too.”

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