Former PI resident talks about what he’s endured living in Texas this past week

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 6:56 PM EST
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San Antonio, TX / PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - On Monday Texas was hit with a snow storm that left people with no power, no heat and no food. Adriana Sanchez spoke with a former Presque Isle resident on what he has witnessed.

“10-15 degrees, you got snow you got ice there’s no electricity there no water there’s no heat there was a lot of panic going on,” said Don Nadeau, a former PI resident.

He now is living in San Antonio Texas. He has lived there for seven years now and this is the second time he has seen it snow. He works at the radio station KTSA & says the calls he has received are out of sorts.

“You would see people in their cars with their cars running trying to stay warm & we would hear from people the next day when we were able to get back on the air and they were calling us saying they slept in their car because it was the only place I can find heat,” said Nadeau.

Typically his work commute consists of a busy high-way but this week was quite the opposite.

“Several miles I was the only one out there, there were no other vehicles, of course we had the black outs in some areas of the city that had no power for several days so it was very dark, there were no street lights on any of the houses, the traffic lights were all out – lot of the 24 hours convenient store and gas stations they were all closed as well so it was a ghost town for 48 hours,” said Nadeau.

This week he has been experiencing power black outs throughout the day.

“When the lights would come on you would cook as many things as you possibly could and get them ready because you didn’t know if this was going to be the last time we have electricity for a couple of weeks,” explained Nadeau.

Another of the many issues the storm brought was a boil-water order meaning, the community drinking water is or could be contaminated.

“A lot of the water utilities that we have are supplying water to people. You can bring as many gallons of jugs that you can bring and fill those up and they’ll send you on your way but then you have to take those home and boil them which was impossible to do until yesterday because nobody had power,” said Nadeau.

He said people were out of their element and didn’t know how to handle this.

“I see people outside trying to shovel their driveways with garden shovels things like that you know no gloves no boots,” said Nadeau.

There are still millions of people without power and water. Texas is one of five states that are at the top areas with outages.

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