Northern Maine Community College named as one of the top nursing programs in the state

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 6:54 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Northern Maine Community College has been named as one of the top nursing programs in Maine.  Megan Cole spoke with the chair for nursing and allied health on what this accomplishment means to the college.

“Nothing is given, it is definitely earned.”

Bethany Shaw is a senior nursing student at Northern Maine Community College.

“Each semester you become more comfortable in your skills, in your knowledge and it definitely prepares you to be an entry level nurse and I think I will be ready to get there when I graduate and to pass my NCLEX exam.”

Recently, Northern Maine Community College’s nursing program was named as one of the top nursing programs in the state.  Eileen McDougal, the department chair for Nursing and Allied Health at the college, says she is proud of this accomplishment.

“Well obviously we’re very pleased to be mentioned as one of the top nursing programs within the state of Maine.  Community colleges nursing programs have consistently outperformed other programs in general and certainly in terms of our pass rates for the NCLEX exam our scores have consistently been good.”

“I’m very proud that we landed in the top ten.  I wasn’t really surprised because we work really hard here to help our students to be successful to pass the NCLEX and to go out and to work in their communities.”

Shaw says that having a simulation center really helped her improve her skills and get used to a hospital setting.

“So, from the very beginning we start with sim before we ever put into a clinical situation and it helps gets you familiar with what a hospital room looks like what a hospital setting looks like scenarios that you could possibly come across before you actually get a patient with that scenario so it helps you critically think and pull out your skills…how to communicate with the patient.”

“The simulation center really gives the students an opportunity for that hands on learning in a safe environment and we’re very lucky to have some wonderful simulators so we have adult simulators we have pediatrics and we also have an infant simulator and that gives them experience they might not get in a local hospital.”

NMCC students passed the most recent licensing exam with a pass rate of 92.6.  The state average is 89.1.

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