How to lower your risks of being diagnosed with cancer

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 9:09 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -More than 1.5 million cancer diagnosis’ are made each year in the United States.  8,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in Maine alone.  So, what measures can we take to lower our risk of being diagnosed with cancer?  News source 8 reporter Megan Cole has more on ways to lower your risk.

Lung, breast and ovarian cancer are some of the many cancers people are diagnosed with every year.  Bethany Zell, the program director for healthy you and pink Aroostook at Cary medical center, says that some cancers are preventable.

“Well it’s shown that 1 in 5 cancers are caused by excess body fat or alcohol consumption or poor nutrition or sedentary life style most of those things we always hear about moving more eating less being healthy overarching through life.  So when you look at cancer incidents when 1 in 5 cancers can be prevented just by simply taking some of those measures and then there’s another 30% of cancers deaths that are still associated with cigarette smoking.”

Zell says that by having a healthier lifestyle, you can lower your risks and even have better outcomes if you are diagnosed with cancer.

“You know watch your nutrition eat more fibers, more fruits vegetables plant based typed foods reduce your intake of excess sugars which are cancer drivers they feed cancer.”

She adds that if someone you know is diagnosed with cancer, be supportive and listen to them.

“I think it’s easy to wanna come along side someone and fix things especially when its someone you love and that you see might be struggling with making the changes that are necessary to improve their outcome but I think being a listener is definitely the place you wanna start. "

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