Sarah Beaulieu is excited to compete in World Junior Biathlon Championships

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 10:07 AM EST
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FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine (WAGM) - Fort Fairfield’s Sarah Beaulieu will be spending the next two weeks in Austria. Beaulieu will be competing in the World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championships beginning on February 27th and continuing until March 7th. This will be her first appearance on the international stage.

Beaulieu:” An accomplishment I am very proud of. I worked very hard to get where I am right now.”

Beaulieu began her training at the Nordic Heritage Center before moving to Truckee California where she had County Connections with .

Former Maine Winter Sports Center Coach Will Sweetser who coached at the Sugar Bowl Academy and her biathlon coach is former MWSC athlete Brian Halligan.

Beaulieu:” I established a pretty awesome friend base here as well which made the move a lot of easier.”

Sweetser says that Beaulieu’s skiing speed has increased dramatically.

Will Sweetser:” I have really concentrated over the last two years with Sarah on ski speed development. This year we saw a huge improvement almost a 10 percent improvement in ski speed alone.”

Beaulieu has remained focus on the big prize and was confident that she would achieve her goal.

Beaulieu:” I was pretty confident I knew it was going to take a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice. I had a feeling I would be able to accomplish it. I just didn’t know when.”

Beaulieu hopes this is just the first step in a long career on the International Stage with the US Biathlon Association. She says they have received a lot of support and well wishes from the County.

Beaulieu:” A lot of support and a lot of people reaching out and saying congratulations and sending their well wishes.

She said that she is looking forward to toeing the line, but knows she will be nervous.

Beaulieu:” I am going to feel the butterflies for sure. It is going to be different because of no spectators. You are not going to have the European crowd on the side of the trails. I am anticipating the butterflies.”

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