Rep. David McCrea shares what he bills he is working on

Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 6:21 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Continuing with our updates from representatives, tonight we hear from David McCrea of District 148 on what bills he has been working on and how important they are to him.  Here’s Megan Cole.

How’s the session been going this year with everything?

“Well it’s very very different.  I like to stay active and boy this is the year to do that.  So many people like to have contact with Augusta and it’s very hard to do because a lot of the offices are not staffed but they’re taken care of from home.  So they vary just naturally tend to lean on the legislature a little…legislators a little bit more and I’ve been way busier than any of my other terms in the legislature just trying to keep up with that very thing and you know keeping people appraised of what I know going on with the COVID vaccines and how do I get my license it’s been held up for three weeks and they told me I’d have it last week, I’m not getting my unemployment check, whatever so it’s been very busy, the committee work is very tedious I mean I’m spending six and seven hours a day on zoom meetings and as you probably know a long zoom meeting is more exhausting than in person, it just it really is so that’s kind of how it’s going we’re proceeding I think we’re gonna start meeting March 10 and 11th we have to get down there to process some bills in the actual legislator and we have to do that in person. "

So speaking of bills, what are some of the bills you’re currently working on?

“Well I have 11 bills I tend to be kind of scattered with the bills that I have and i like to be bills that I enjoy working on that I believe in and are worth my time ok so I usually have quite a few bills.  So I’ll highlight three or four or five of them.  I have a bill that is to expand broadband internet service to the rural areas of Maine.  I had that really in great shape last year, an 8 million dollar bill repeating and it died on the appropriations table because we were kicked out of Augusta so I really had it made last year and now with the budget being what it is that’s gonna be a hard hill to climb.  I have another a small bill on the area agencies on aging that takes them from having to pay sales tax thereby freeing up money for meals on wheels.  I have 2 or 3 bills regarding education, certification, evaluation, negotiations etc and I have a bill, a really important bill it’s a bill that will improve the success rate of safely reunifying parents and their children that have been placed into foster care. I have high hopes for that one, anything we can do to reunify these parents with their kids it’s great but we got to do it safely because we’ve all seen cases where that just didn’t work out too well so those are those are the key ones, I have others but if anyone is curious look me up on the Maine legislature website and find me or follow me in

What’s the significance behind you working so hard and getting the idea of making these bills?

“Oh! I love that question!  Thank you.  Number one I’m only happy if I’m busy that’s what makes me tick.  But I also like to work hard on things that matter and I’d say for the most part I mean I had 18 bills in last time and my very first term this is my 3rd, my first term I had a half dozen or so which is a pretty heavy load for a brand new legislator but I like to choose bills that number one are that I see as worth my efforts so I enjoy working on them, researching for them, stuff like that and secondly, for the most part if I took the bills I’ve submitted over the three terms an impartial person would have a hard time  I’m a democrat ok, but if you looked at the titles and intent of my bills, you’d have a real hard time telling is that a bill by a democrat or a republican? I like middle of the road bills that are common sense bills that are good for you, good for me, good for our neighbors.”

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