House democrat Jared Golden voted against the 1.9 trillion dollar COVID relief bill

Published: Mar. 1, 2021 at 6:52 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -House democrat Jared Golden voted against the 1.9 trillion dollar COVID relief bill. News Source 8′s Megan Cole explains.

“I came here to do what I thought was right and I do that bill by bill week to week.”

Congressman Jared Golden has voted against the 1.9 trillion dollar package to help with the effects of COVID 19. He says there is unnecessary spending.

“There are portions of this that I support whole heartedly but party leaders chose to go far beyond them by hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars. After supporting 4 trillion in emergency COVID relief last year in 2020 I chose not to support trillions more in funding that is poorly targeted or in some cases not necessary at this moment in time.”

Congressman Golden says there were portions of the bill that he did support, such as increasing SNAP benefits. But, he feels the bill needed to focus more on priorities.

“We have invested 4 trillion dollars last year towards COVID relief you know if you go back and look at our annual budget in spending you will see that that is a phenomenally large amount of money.  We are looking at an amount of spending in this period of time that has not been done in our lifetimes, really since world war II.  So what I’m talking about is priorities lets spend exactly what’s necessary you know in the context of the moment rather than saying let’s just throw as much as it as we have the political will and votes to do.”

The bill did pass the house and will now be going to senate.

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