Whiteout conditions the cause of multiple accidents around The County today

Published: Mar. 2, 2021 at 6:54 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Multiple car accidents have been happening in many parts of the County today as white out conditions made for hazardous traveling conditions. Presque Isle Police responded to a 16 car pileup on Route 1 between Presque Isle and Caribou.   Other area departments including Caribou, the State Police and Sheriff’s department and others have also responded to large pile ups and stranded motorists. Megan Cole says that police departments and the Department of Transportation are asking people to stay off the roads. 

Whiteout conditions have been reported in many parts of the county.  Bob Watson is the region manager with Maine DOT and says there are roads of concern.

“Route 1 all the way from Houlton all the way to Van Buren is a concern to be honest there are spots all along that road, route 1A we had some issues out there this morning from mars hill up through to limestone there was some bad spots there.  Route 10 in Presque Isle, was is bad today. Route 89 we had accidents there.”

Laurie Kelly is the Presque Isle police chief and says they’ve responded to multiple accidents.  She adds that in weather like this, it’s important for people to stay off the roads unless they absolutely need to travel.

“If you think well I’ll just I’ll enter in it to see how bad it really is I think I can get through it really doesn’t make a difference if you have two wheel drive, four wheel drive a lot of people have that misconception that oh I have 4 wheel drive does you absolutely no good if you can not see and that’s what the issue is.”

“Especially on these north south roads where you’ve got the strong wind blowing you can drive right into a whiteout and just you just can’t see.  And there’s no there’s no way to make that safe on a day like this it’s one of those things its very dangerous to be on the road.”

Both are urging people to wait until the weather calms down and the roads have been cleared before venturing out unless they have too.   Watson says that if you do need to go out, turn your headlights on and take it slow but do not stop in the middle of the roadway as that can cause a chain reaction accident.

We also spoke with Joey Seeley of the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office.  He says that they’ve been swamped most of the day with various accidents throughout the county.  He urges people to stay home unless it is an emergency.

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