A.R Gould continues their Covid-19 vaccination clinics as vaccination eligibility expands

Published: Mar. 4, 2021 at 5:45 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Herman Pelletier who received the vaccine at A.R Gould’s clinic said, " “It was very very easy and they’re so well organized here.”

Bernard Ayotte who also received the vaccine at A.R Gould clinic agrees and said, “It’s been great going through here, its been easy and no problems.”

Since their first vaccination clinic there has been more than 8,500 doses administered. This is nearly 3,700 people who will have received both doses and approximately 1,200 who have received their first dosage.

“It’s been really rewarding, just seeing people come in so excited to get their vaccine and finally on days like today getting their second shot and going away to hopefully still doing social distancing and mask and so forth but feeling a whole lot better about it,’ said former CEO now volunteer Dave Peterson.

President of AR Gould Hospital says no vaccine has been wasted and have received tremendous help from the community.

“In the tie we’ve had we have used every drop of vaccine we have every week we received it so it’s been really well received by the pubic, we’ve had great coordination like I said from NMCC but also from Aroostook agency on ageing because they’ve found where those patients over 70 years were and helped us get them here, a lot for the logistical arrangements & help them register and really worked excellent,” said Greg LaFrancois.

The way the have set up their clinics have been broken down to avoid any sorts of confusion.

“We do we set those clinics up separately, so that the entire clinic is shot one and we’ve set it up so that the entire clinic is one type of vaccine either Pfizer or Moderna, we don’t deliver both on one day because we done want no confusion,” said LaFrancois.

The medical students at NMCC have obtained enormous experience from these clinics.

Tim Crowley, President of the college said, “We have one Pm student last week that gave 60 shots, that’s a wonderful experience as a student to have that many interactions with patients in one day so it’s a great clinical experience so our nursing faculty thought it would be a good opportunity and its working out very well.”

Governor Mills announced people who are over the age of 60 are now eligible to receive the vaccine. To register for the Northern Light vaccination clinic you can visit

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