Online programs improve seniors’ health and social interactions

Programs offered through the Aroostook Agency on Aging provide an opportunity for the elderly to improve their health and make new friends in the process.
Published: Mar. 12, 2021 at 7:06 PM EST
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Seniors isolated by the pandemic are finding not only educational opportunities online, but a method to meet others in their age group from across the state. Kathy McCarty has more.

The Aroostook Agency on Aging has partnered with Healthy Living for ME to provide educational online workshops to help seniors learn ways to manage chronic pain and more.

“Generally through zoom we have six to 12 people in a class. We can share our screens and show slides. We can do breakout rooms in the classes so that they can, you know, work together - the participants can work together,” says Jane Hanson, Healthy Living for ME Regional Coordinator for Aroostook County.

Key components include brainstorming, action planning, and problem solving. Programs are designed to improve the lives of seniors.

“The classes that we offer right now are: Managing Chronic Pain, Managing Diabetes, we offer Tai Chi, a Matter of Balance will be starting again soon, we have Bone Builders. All of this is on our website at the Aroostook Agency on Aging. It’s also at Healthy Living for ME,” says Hanson.

Classes serve as an educational experience and social outlet for seniors who’ve been largely housebound due to the pandemic.

“We have people from all over Zooming into our class and it’s really kind of interesting, you know, people are getting to know each other. It’s a lot of fun,” says Hanson.

Managing Chronic Pain is set to begin March 18th. For more information, visit our website. Kathy McCarty, NewsSource 8

Living Well with Chronic Pain will be offered Thursdays beginning March 18th and run through April 22nd. Workshop participants will meet weekly via ZOOM from 3-5 p.m. This six-week series is free and open to the public. Contact Jane Hanson, HL4ME regional manager, at 764-3396 or 800-439-1789 for more information and to register for a link to the class.

Healthy Living for ME is a statewide network of evidence-based programs that empower adults to address and better manage their health issues. All workshops are listed at

For more information about services available through the Aroostook Agency on Aging, visit:

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