Superintendents comment on how they’ve grown through this pandemic

Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 7:07 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -COVID-19 has forced schools to adapt in order to continue teaching students safely. Continuing with our superintendent series, tonight we hear about how they’ve grown through the pandemic, while incorporating all of the new guidelines. Here’s Megan Cole.

Schools have had to adapt to and incorporate CDC guidelines put in place to keep everyone safe. While this was certainly challenging for school districts, superintendents say that they grew in various ways.

“Certainly around remote instruction you know we were learning as we went along something we hadn’t anticipated back in March when we went remote and we did a good job in what many of us would call it emergency learning phase we felt we we’re better prepared in the fall to offer remote instruction or a combination of remote and in person instruction.”

“This pandemic has forced us and challenged all of us and I’m very proud of all of our teachers for the work they’ve done that I think they’ve would never be able to do through technology and teaching unit so that has really forced us to use that technology in a positive way for teaching and learning that we never would had exposed to ourselves unless the pandemic.”

“Just amazed by how resilient our students are first and foremost our families and also our staff. I mean we’ve asked people to do the unthinkable time and time again and it’s just been an amazing overall overwhelming support from all parties involved. I think everyone’s banded together to do what’s best for our communities.”

“I think our staff would agree we have definitely grown technology wise our staff has learned to use technology more so now then they ever had before to be able to teach kids remotely to be able to access parent communication, they’ve used multiple platforms so that piece has really shown through.”

“I think everybody really working together the parents the students the staff our teachers everybody you know pitching in and doing the best we can we’ve been fortunate we’ve been out a few weeks because of some positive cases but we’ve been in like most of the schools up in Aroostook County, we’ve been in person and we’re small enough we’ve been 5 days a week for the most part.”

“What we’ve learned is you know our staff has grown tremendously as far as in respect to technology you know the tools that we use the students are far as connecting with them through technology has been a tremendous learning curve.”

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