Superintendents give update on how staff vaccinations are going

Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 3:03 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -It’s been a little over a year since the pandemic shut down schools. When schools closed, they were forced to adapt to new ways of teaching and connecting with their students. With the vaccine being distributed more and more each day, there is hope that everything will soon go back to normal. WAGMTV recently spoke with several superintendents around The County to see what they’ve learned from this pandemic and what the plan is moving forward. Tonight, we hear from them on how staff vaccinations are going. Here’s Megan Cole.

School staff are part of the most recent group to begin receiving covid 19 vaccines. Local Superintendents says that staff have been getting those vaccines as quickly as possible.

“I know our peoples had last week and even a little bit of time the week before that to get vaccinated so those people who wanna get vaccinated are in the process of getting vaccinated and many of us are waiting for our second vaccine in a few weeks,” said Ben Greenlaw, superintendent of MSAD 1.

“Teachers already in the last week have been lined up for appointments to get the vaccine we’re doing our best to cover the classes for them and cooperating with them to give them an opportunity to get the vaccine if they wish so to take it so I’m very excited about the processes moving forward for Maine teachers and getting Maine teachers vaccinated it’s been a much needed piece that has to be put in schools to be effective to fully reopen next year,” said Tim Doak, superintendent of RSU 39 and MSAD 20.

“We’ve also had a great deal of our educators and school staff getting into walgreens locally here in fort kent as well as Walmart in Presque isle some have even gone as far as walgreens in Houlton we have quite a few as well that took advantage of an opportunity at the Northern Light AR Gould hospital in Presque Isle,” said Benjamin Sirois, superintendent of the Valley Unified schools.

“We’ve had quite a few staff members take advantage of that and really in both districts we have a small percentage of staff who have not had the vaccine or are waiting on their appointment to go get it so it’s been really well received by staff so we’re pleased with that,” said Elaine Boulier, superintendent of MSAD 42 and RSU 88.

“We’ve been able to get most of our teachers vaccinated that have wanted too. Initially it was opened to 60 and above and then the president through the federal program and the pharmacies we were able to the other educators that weren’t 60 years old and older so I think right now most of our teachers that wanted the vaccine have been able to get it so that’s been great!” said Larry Worcester, superintendent of MSAD 45.

“Staff that want to get vaccinated we’ve been in contact with Houlton Regional hospital and also the surrounding pharmacies Walmart and walgreens in the Houlton area and the majority of our staff that wanted vaccinations are now at least received their first dose so just in the last couple of weeks it’s really it ramped up it sped up,” said Jon Porter, superintendent of RSU 50.

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