Superintendents comment on how they’re enticing teachers to apply at their schools

Published: Mar. 26, 2021 at 5:29 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -There are open teaching jobs, but schools are having a hard time finding applicants. Tonight in the final installment of our superintendent series, we hear what schools are doing to entice people to apply for these open positions. Here’s Megan Cole.

Teaching positions are available throughout the county, but superintendents say that they’re having a hard time filling them. So, they’re doing what they can to try to get the positions filled.

“Hiring in rural Maine is very, very hard and I try to sell the area to teachers that come to Caribou. That your living in the heart of Aroostook County if you love winter time our sports and winter recreation is the best in the United States. Wait until you see the potato blossoms what it’s great to ride your bike on a country road all these things you gotta sell our area to draw more people here.”

“If you get 3 or 4 applicants you’re very lucky to have a competitive drawback of applicants for any position. There are some positions that extremely more difficult to fill than others. You think of your high school sciences are difficult your secondary language positions are very difficult in one of our districts we’ve had a speech pathologist posting for going almost 12 months now that has not been filled.”

“Once we have somebody that is interested in applying and that we interview, we really work hard at making sure that potential staff member has an availability to go through a tour of the building we try to talk about the positives in the community because we have a wonderful skiing facility there are all kinds of activities to do in terms of seasons.”

“We’re trying to make our pay scale just in our district more competitive in the area schools and we’re trying to come up with incentives to make it enticing or attract good people you know a big thing people look at for any job not just education is but whats the work culture like so we’re trying to make it as positive as we can.”

“We really try to encourage some of our para professional ed techs if they’re working hard and doing a great job for us to encourage them to go back to school and earned the teaching degree.”

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