Superintendents comment on if they’re receiving funding from the 1.9 trillion dollar package

Published: Mar. 26, 2021 at 10:22 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Funding schools was one of the many items in the 1.9 trillion dollar package that was recently passed.  Megan Cole continues her series with some area Superintendents and finds out if they are expecting more funding.

Superintendents continue to work on budgets for the upcoming school year. They are still uncertain how much extra funding they will receive from the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package.

“In the new stimulus that there’s money available for schools to open them of course we’ve been open in full but typically what happens or what had happened in the other times we’ve had stimulus in the last 12 months is the state gets a certain amount and then they dual it out typically based on the number of students in the district. So we’re…we haven’t heard from the-what the parameters are we’re hoping that will have a longer period of time to spend the money.”

“We are to approximately plan for 2 times more than our last esser fund money so if you look at RSU 39 it was roughly 1.5 million for our esser funds and now we’re looking at probably 3 more million dollars for for the biden money.  In fort Fairfield the biden money could be as high as 1.6 now I haven’t actually seen that on a spreadsheet I was just told that we could probably for surely look at 2 times more than what we’ve been receiving.”

“We have not heard anything as of yet on what each district will be allocated for that I do believe that as part of that package there’s a small rollout for the 2021 academic year so I think we’re going to see a bigger rollout it’s going to be in the next school year; 2021-2022.”

“We did get a second round of esser funding that came through and that funding is available to be utilized for the next two years so most districts you know in terms of talking superintendents are kind of they’re thinking you know long term because we don’t have the tight timelines that we’ve had with some of the other grant opportunities but in terms of the stimulus package we haven’t heard anything yet in terms of what that will look like for schools.”

“We haven’t really heard anything as far as updates on the amount of funding or when it would be released we’re still working on the last rounds of federal money and those applications we’re completing those so I would except for it to be coming out in the next month or so.”

“I haven’t heard anything directly from the Maine Department of Education as far as how much school districts will get I know the pot of money for the state of maine for education was around 440 million dollars esser 3 funds I’m assuming it’s gonna be similar, we spend our money similar to what we’ve done in the past.”

On Friday we talk to the Superintendents about teacher shortages.

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