Graduation season is right around the corner and many questions surround whether or not schools will be able to hold ceremonies

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 7:07 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Graduation season is right around the corner and many questions surround whether or not schools will be able to hold ceremonies. News Source 8′s Megan Cole explains.

2020 was a year like no other when it came to graduations. COVID-19 restrictions forced schools to get creative and do things like drive thru and virtual ceremonies. Now..a year later..schools are hopeful they’ll be able to hold something that resembles a normal event.

“Its positive news it seems like we’re taking steps towards returning to normal. The big thing that we’re being cautioned on by the department of education is that we continue to follow the social distancing guidelines.”

“It’s still exciting that now we can do something outdoor at 100 percent capacity or inside at 75 so it opens up that opportunity for families and their graduates to be able to celebrate at the end of the year the way it should be.”

“We’re thinking of having each student being able to invite a number of family maybe 10 to 15 family members we’re gonna have to figure out what our capacity and what 75 percent and all that.”

Seniors around the county say they’re happy to be able to celebrate this momentous occasion with family and friends.

“Ever since you’re little you kind of picture you know graduation is gonna look like and it may not look the same but I’m glad we are able to do something.”

“This is gonna be pretty sweet I mean something really to look forward too I mean we expected a lot less to be honest with you so having this is really awesome.”

“It just means a lot so we can come together as a class one more time and kind of celebrate our four years of high school it’s important that we get to do it together and not just as a go through the motions like last year.”

“Graduation is a big part of someones high school career obviously the end point and it’s pretty important to both families and the students.”

“Instead of going on a trip where we obviously can’t, we’re gonna go bowling in Presque Isle I think and we’re gonna have it closed off with food and stuff it’ll be pretty fun.”

“It’s important to me but I’m sure it’s…it’s not as important to me as other people but I would still like to have a normal graduation, celebrate in person and do everything together.”

To protect public health.. Maine CDC says if hospital capacity is at risk or if a new COVID-19 variant poses a significant risk in the state the capacity limits could be dialed down. Public gatherings will still need to adhere to the COVID-19 health and safety protocols..such as masks and social distancing.

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